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 CN Dictionary

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PostSubject: CN Dictionary   Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:03 am

CyberNations Terms:

admin - The creator of Cybernations and managers of the boards (one awesome guy), His real name is Kevin and he is often referred to as Kevin
admin bomb - (had to add it) the admin setting everything in your account to zero such as infrastructure, tech, money, soldiers, etc., Is often used if you attack or nuke the administrators nations, in other words DONT DO IT!
Axis of Awesome- Group of allied alliances which include most notibly NPO, NpO, and GOONS (Basically this is the earliest group of Initiative Alliances)
BB - Big Boards, CyberNations Forums (used by some alliances in their offsites)
Clustering- a method that is often used to protect the members of an alliance, involving the association of 4-5 nations of similar strength, so that if one is attacked, the other's can fill the attacked's war slots completly. (an old and now illegal attack tactic)
CM - Cruise Missile
CN - CyberNations game
CNARF - Cyber Nations Anti-Rogue Force- nations who volunteer to respond to a rogue attacks on a unalignied nations, who asked for help. (No longer officially exists, was destroyed several months ago because of attacks on allied nations. some still claim to be CNARF)
CN forums - Cybernations forums (your here now!)
CoaLUEtion - Series of alliances who fought against the NPO and NpO in the Great War. The alliances rallied around the LUEnited Nations, thus creating the CoaLUEtion
Cyberverse - the imaginary world in which your nation resides, geographically identical to planet Earth
FtLoGTotC Pact - The "For the Love of God, Think of the Children! Pact" - a No-Nuclear First Strikes treaty, signed by many alliances
GRL - Global Radiation Level, and in-game indicator of the level of radiation in the cyberverse. Radiation is cause by nations using nuclear weapons. The higher the radiation level, the lower your environment.
infra - Infrastructure
Initiative, The - A large MQDP between NPO, NpO, >_<, TOP, VE, GGA, CIS, FAN, GOONS, NoR
League, The - A large MDP between NAAC, GOLD, GATO, LUE, ICP, OIN, ACID, LoSS, CDS (LUE left after the second Great War)
MAD: Mutually Assured Distruction
MAP - Mutual Aggression Pact or Mutual Agreement Pact, which is just a stronger version of a NAP.
MDP - Mutual Defense Pact
MVK - Miles' signature that everyone rips off (basically it is just signing your name to something without writing out your name)
NAP - Non-Agression Pact: A formal Agreement between to or more alliances which prevents the alliances from attacking each other
Northern Defense Front - Another large MDP between MDC, NoR, ANGIL, ENA, UGO, FFC, Illuminati and OIN (rapidly growing so this may not always be up to date)
NPOwned - Get owned by New Pacific Order
NS - (when refering to CN) nation strength, strength of your Cyber Nation
--NS - (second meaning) NationStates, another online nation leading game. More primitive than CN. Some major alliances migrated from NS to CN. Many CN players also play NS
Offsites - Your alliance's Forum which is not on the CyberNations forums
Onsites - CyberNations Forum
PIAT - Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty (also see TOA)
Planet Bob - The "Earth" of the Cyberverse, identical geography to Earth of Real Life (also see Cyberverse)
Pop - population of your nation
Rogue- (very disputed term) any nation who will randomly attack other nations OR any nation who attacks aligned nations randomly OR any nation who is not in an alliance
tech - technology
tech raiding - attacking an inactive / soon to be deleted nation to get their technology cheaply and easily.
TOA - Treaty of amity. Works as NAP and as a Weak MAP.
TWE: Treaty with Enemies
Update/Update Time - When the server hits midnight and you can collect taxes again
WAE - Worst Alliance Ever. A derogatory label used primarily by NPO members when referring to GATO. Started by GOONS
WMDP - Weak Mutual Defence Pact. You really should help your allies, but you don't need to.
ZI Club: having zero infrastructure, or commonly used as being totally destroyed

General Terms:

admin- administrator, manages online forums or games
AE - Astro Empires, another online game like CyberNations only in space. Many CN players play AE also.
assassination - killing someone of importance or someone famous (ex: president, famous actor, etc)
CC - Cyber Citizens, Cyber Nation's sister game. created by kevin the admin, allows you to make and control a person you create.
FFS: for ****'s sake
Flame - showing anger at another person in an inappropriate way, such as insults, name calling, etc.
Flamebait - posts that are made to anger someone indirectly, not stating that they have a problem with the person but implying it.
FTL - for the lose
FTW- For the win
GL - Game Life
Godwins law - As an Internet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 100%.
IC - In Character
IBL - In Before Lock, commonly found in spam/flamebait topics.
IMO - In My opinion
IMP / Imperium - a guild on AE, founded and made up by CN players banding together
ITT / itt - in this thread
lawl - another way to say lol (laugh out loud)
lol- laugh out loud
LUEicide - the willing suicide of a message board account by way of Terms of Service violations. The idea being that one attemps to break every rule the message board has in place, and in breaking those rules one typically attemps to be as offensive as possible. However, styles may vary from person to person.
Mask - On a forum its a way to let certain members see only what the Admins want them too. Can let you see some things and not other things.
mods / moderators - they help the admins manage the forums
OMG - Oh my God
O noez- oh no, uh-oh (other spellings: Oh Noes, Oh Gnoes, etc.)
OOC - Out of Character
OP- Original Post(er) (Usually used to refer to the original point of the topic, after replying to something else in the thread that is not strictly on-topic)
Pown - combination of pwn and own (used very rarely)
Pwned- defeated, describes the loser of the battle
QFT: Quoted For Truth
RL - Real Life
RP / RPing - Role Playing, pretending your someone you are not (that is what the basis of Cyber Nations is, you RP a leader of a nation)
Sig. - short for signature, created in your member CP: they appear underneath your posts in all threads.
tl;dr - too long; didnt read, Most often used in massive threads that are too long to read
Topic Hijacking - changing the discussion topic of a thread purposefully
Trolling - making a thread aimed at angering a group instead of just an individual
VFABIC- Voted for all because I could
Wiki - Short for Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit or make a new page on. Often members will make Wiki's for their alliance in Cybernations
WTF? - What the ****?
XD - A smiley face you use when somethin's really funny
ZOMG - Used the same as OMG (Oh My God), often used in a sarcastic tone

Alliance Acronyms:
AID - The Alliance of Independency and Democracy
AoW- Allies of War
CCC - Christian Coalition of Countries
CDS - Coalition of Dark States
CIS - Confederacy of Independent States
CON - Confederation of Organized Nations
CSN - Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations
DDA- Dark Developments Alliance (merged with MDC)
FCC - Fifth Column Confederation
GATO - Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
GC - Grey Council
GGA - Grand Global Alliance
GOLD - Global Organization for Liberty and Defense
GOONS - Goon Order Of Neutral Shoving
GPA - Green Protection Agency
ICP - International Communist Party
IRON - Independent Republic of Orange Nations
LOSS - League of Small Superpowers
LSF - Libertarian Socialist Federation
LUE - LUEnited Nations
MDC - Maroon Defense Coalition
MHA - Mostly Harmless Alliance
NAAC - National Alliance of Arctic Countries
NADC - North Atlantic Defense Coalition
NDO - New Desert Order
NO - Novus Orbus
NoR - Nordreich
NPO - New Pacific Order
NpO - New Polar Order
OBR - The Order of the Black Rose
ODN - Orange Defense Network
ONOS - Organized Nations of Superiority
OPA - Orange Protection Alliance
OSF - Orange Shadow Force
RIA - Random Insanity Alliance
RSF- Red Star Federation
SKA - Serbian Knights Alliance
S-R-I - Socialistic Revolution Initiative
TCF - Tri-Color Federation
The Legion (no acronym)
TOP - The Order of the Paradox
TR - The Republic
TTK - The Templar Knights
USN - United Sovereign Nations
VE - Viridian Entente
WTF - World Task Force
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CN Dictionary
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