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 Religion Help

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PostSubject: Religion Help   Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:51 am

Religious Desires:

When your nation changes religious preference, there is a short description of the summaries corresponding to each religion. Here is a compilation of those descriptions and their corresponding religion. This list may not be all-inclusive, so if you come across a new one not listed here feel free to add it.

None - Perhaps they do not desire a religion.

Mixed - There is no dominant religion among your population at this time but instead a variety of various teachings and followings.

Baha'i faith - They desire a modern middle eastern religion that focuses on monotheism.

Buddhism -

They desire a national religion but do not care to worship a supreme deity. OR

They desire to follow a religion that seeks freedom from greed, hatred and delusion, and enlightenment through realizing the Four Noble Truths and following the Eightfold Path.


The majority of your people desire a religion that worships a divine savior. OR

They desire a monotheistic system of beliefs and practices based on the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus Christ as embodied in the New Testament.

Confucianism - They desire a Far Eastern philosophical religion emphasizing love for humanity, high value given to learning and to devotion to family and ancestors, peace, justice, and respect for traditional culture.

Hinduism - They believe in reincarnation and karma and desire a religion that supports this philosophy.

Islam - They wish to worship a supreme being called Allah and follow the teaching of a prophet recorded in their sacred text called the Quran.

Jainism - They are primarily non-materialistic and wish for a national religion that supports atheism and that teaches that every single living thing is an individual and eternal soul, called Jîva, which is responsible for its own actions.

Judaism - They desire a religion that follows divine scriptures OR They desire a religion that follows divine scriptures with ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Torah and in the Talmud.

Norse - They wish to follow an ancient religion followed by Germanic tribes living in Nordic countries under pre-Christian period.

Shinto - They believe that god is present in all walks of life, both in living and non-living things.

Sikhism - They desire a belief system which blends Hindu traditions with Islamic monotheistic traditions, the belief in one God and the teachings of the Ten Gurus.

Taoism - They do not believe in a single god but instead believe in oneness and freedom from personal desires OR They do not believe in a single God but instead believe in oneness and freedom from personal desires.

Voodoo - They believe in the conjuring of dead spirits and desire a national religion that supports this.
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Religion Help
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